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The Gold Standard - White | Men's Fragrance

The Gold Standard - White | Men's Fragrance

White gold oozes sophistication and class so that is the type of feel we want you to get from The Gold Standard - White Men's Fragrance. The perfect blend of citrus and spice.

Time of day:

    • Daytime: The citrusy top notes and moderate silage make it a good choice for daytime wear. It can be refreshing and add a touch of sophistication to your work or casual daytime style.
    • Evening: The spicier middle and base notes become more prominent as the day progresses, making it suitable for evenings and night outs. However, if you have an evening event in a hot or crowded space, a lighter application might be preferable.


    • Work: The elegant and professional scent can be perfect for the office. Be mindful of sillage and apply lightly if your workplace has a fragrance-free policy.
    • Formal events: The sophistication of the perfume makes it suitable for formal occasions like weddings, dinners, or galas.
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