Who We Are

The American Luxury Unlimited Brand is the embodiment of success and all the spoils you enjoy from it.

Our Mission is to assist in facilitating your expression of success and luxury to the world, by offering top quality products and fragrances matches with world class service.

We also look to make luxury items within reach of everyone while keeping the quality you'd expect.  Though they are very nice, we don't spend resources, that would ultimately be passed on to the consumer, trying to craft artistic grade bottles.  We instead focus on giving you the finest smelling scents to enrich your presentation.  Our scents are:

  • Sustainably Made 
  • Bottled in a simplistic and classy design
  • Vegan & Clean
  • Packed With an Even Stronger Oil Concentration than most, Resulting in a Stronger Scent and an Even Longer Lasting Fragrance

We offer our customers embroidered clothes and home goods of the highest quality and with your luxury in mind. There is something for everyone.