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American Luxury Unlimited

The Gold Standard | Men's Fragrance

The Gold Standard | Men's Fragrance

Gold is considered as a mark of excellence, an icon of love and known as one of the world's most important assets. American Luxury Unlimited's flagship fragrance, The Gold Standard embodies all that in a bottle and is truly the all day, any situation Best of the Best fragrance.

Time of Day: For a richer and more sensual experience, The Gold Standard is perfect for evening wear. The deeper base notes come alive in the cooler night air, creating a sophisticated and alluring aroma. However, its versatility allows it to be worn during the day as well, especially if applied lightly.

Occasion: This fragrance exudes elegance and luxury, making it suitable for formal occasions like black-tie events, galas, or business meetings. Its warm and inviting character also shines in more casual settings like dinners with friends or romantic evenings.

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